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Event Security

With advanced equipment, trained professionals & quick response to situations, we provide the best security for various events in the city.

If you are looking for the top security guard companies in Delhi especially for organizing an event in the city, Topshield Security Services is the best choice to make.

The first skill in our security guard is Vigilance. They are robust and instructed to manage the crowd efficiently at various types of events. We train them through mock fire drills, crowd management drills and training for unalarmed situations. Topshield security designs security plans that help to carefully monitor each area at the venue. Topshield offers security for corporate events,media events, launches, music festivals, food festivals, sports affairs, high profile parties, soft launchesand various cultural shows.



Being one of the top security companies in Delhi, Topshield bouncers are aware of the public environment and smartly control the situation without causing trouble to the environment. Our bodyguards are powerful and well-built; they are recruited on the basis of their strength and dynamic personality. Our bouncers are best for clubs, restaurants, bars, festivals to manage the business in a hassle-free way. Topshield security bodyguards act as the left hand to bankers, high grade officers, businessmen, and celebrities, social parties, exhibitions, concerts, public speeches and fashion shows.