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We competently give on-the-job training to our security guards and our best practices makes us one-of-its-kind security agency.

In today’s scenario, guarding has become most essential to safeguard your land, man and material. The economic conditions of our country have improved because our nation has efficient and potential guards.

At Topshield, guarding for us means “keeping you safe”. Our trained security guards pledge to guard you 24x7 which is a symbol of our trust and commitment. Our security guards are the “epitome of protection”, with great determination to protect our clients. Our security company provides electronic protection, surveillance, vigilance, security guarding, monitoring, estate and individual guarding services through our Security Guards, Security Supervisors, Armed Security Guards, Lady Guards, Personal Security Officers (PSO) and Bouncers.

  • Well trained Security Guards
    Representing our perseverance, our guards value all clients equally. They are physically and mentally robust dressed in tight discipline, apt uniforms with well trained tactics. Our security guards are placed in industrial units, banks, corporate houses, and export houses, Public Sector Undertakings, IT & ITES and HNIs.
  • Trained Lady Guards
    The power of women can be seen at par in all fields today. Our lady security guards are active and sharp in conducting personal checks in malls and other public places with complete vigilance.
  • Armed Security Guards
    With legal licenses to take necessary action as the circumstances demand, armed personnel are well-equipped with professionally trained use of armaments in emergencies.
  • Personal Security Officers
    We provide personalized security officers for individual safety of life. PSOs are vigilant in lending foot-step assistance and safety to the life and asset of the individual. The PSOs hold a pleasing personality and adapt themselves to social circles and all other situations.


Considered as one of the best security services in Delhi, the authorities at Topshield make sure that the training is conducted under expert supervision. Our guards portray optimal conduct in their best uniforms. They are trained to provide immediate assistance in case of emergency situations.

The training includes imparting k knowledge on the usage of security gadgets and timely defense. Household and residential security is also a part of our training programmes. Physical drills are conducted on firefighting, crowd control, and first aid sessions. Armed security men are trained under special training operations with techniques for handling armed equipment. Armed men bear license to run such guns and tools in extreme situations.